Healthy Living Series

At Rockford Health System, we are committed to providing the information and education our community needs to stay healthy. We created the Healthy Living Series to highlight educational events we hold throughout our community. Join us at an upcoming event and learn how you can live a healthy life.

Past events:


June 14 at Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center
The Power of Smoothies

April 23 at the Women's Center
Preventing and Treating Colorectal Cancer

March 15 at Booker T. Washington
How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Care System

March 12 at the Women's Center
Secrets for an Enjoyable Pregnancy

February 19 at the Women's Center
Nutrition's Role in Preventing & Treating Cancer


October 9 at the Women's Center
Advancements in Breast Cancer Treatment

September 18 at the Women's Center
Ending the Pain of Endometriosis

August 7 at the Women's Center
Low Libido in Women