Heart and Vascular Center

The Heart and Vascular Center at Rockford Health System, located in the RHPH, Building 2 at 2350 N. Rockton Avenue, offers an innovative approach to heart and vascular care.

General Cardiology

Our general cardiologists diagnose and treat a variety of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Richard Hayes, M.D.
  • Greg Nowak, M.D.
  • Don Rabor, M.D.
  • Tajinderpal (Tony) Saraon, M.D.

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology is a branch of cardiology that specializes in catheter-based treatment of structural heart diseases.

We have the region's only cardiac catheterization laboratory, which is located next to our Level I Trauma Center. Procedures include:

  • Interventions on the coronary arteries of the heart using a less painful approach through the wrist;
  • Interventions on peripheral arteries in the legs, neck, and other areas of the body with blockages; and
  • Diagnostic testing.

Open heart operating rooms are also nearby for a fast response to patients who are in distress.


  • Erbert Caceres, M.D.
  • Nicolai Mejevoi, M.D.


The Heart and Vascular Center is staffed with two electrophysiologists who specialize in the electricity of the heart's conduction system.

We offer a pacemaker and implanted cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) clinic, where patients come to have their devices checked after implantation.

Coming soon, we will also offer an atrial fibrillation clinic, where patients can receive innovative and advanced treatment for this common arrhythmia. Our team will also perform atrial fibrillation ablations in the cardiac catheterization laboratory at Rockford Memorial Hospital.


  • Leela Narra, M.D.
  • Jeff Smith, M.D.

Heart Failure

The Heart and Vascular Center has an outpatient intravenous diuretic clinic that delivers safe, fast, and effective relief for patients with symptomatic heart failure. 

To make an appointment with one of our providers, call our Physician Referral Line at (815) 971-DRDR (3737).