Triumvirate Recognition Society

The Triumvirate Recognition Society is steeped in a rich tradition of giving.  Since its founding in 1883, Rockford Memorial Hospital has been blessed with many dedicated and loyal friends who have provided the special help and financial support needed to carry on the tradition of medical excellence.  The Triumvirate Society was formed in 1978 to recognize these major donors to Rockford Memorial Hospital (and, now, all of Rockford Health System).  The three-sided Triumvirate symbol represents charitable giving, personal volunteerism, and support for the advancement of medicine.

There are four categories of Triumvirate membership:

  • Annual membership for those who contribute $1,000 or more in a calendar year;
  • Permanent membership for those whose lifetime contributions total $10,000 or more;
  • Honorary Triumvirate Membership, an individual honor bestowed by the Foundation at the Triumvirate annual dinner; and
  • In Memoriam Charter members, recognizing the leading donors from the hospital’s earliest days.

The names of donors who reach the $10,000 permanent Triumvirate level are etched onto the beautiful glass donor wall in the Helen Howell Memorial Lobby at Rockford Memorial Hospital.