Breast Augmentation Recovery Stages

It is really scary to think of undergoing something without knowing what would happen next. The fear of the unknown is one of the things that stop women from getting plastic surgery like breast augmentation, so it is our duty as educators to teach our readers the breast augmentation recovery stages so they will know what to expect after the surgery. For more info, click on the URL to read more

Breast augmentation recovery stages

Immediately after surgery

Your breasts will be covered by gauze dressings and compression bandages. These are to protect and support your breasts and to minimize the swelling. You will stay for a couple of hours in the recovery room. If no complications are observed, your doctor may allow you to go home, but some patients are recommended to stay overnight. Have someone drive you home because you may have aftereffects of anesthesia.

One week post-surgery

This is the toughest week you will have. The pain and discomfort are really palpable for the first few days, but your doctor will surely prescribe you with pain medications to help you cope. You are advised to rest a lot because it is normal that you will feel tired and sleepy. Your surgical dressings are still on, and swelling and tenderness are still noticeable Make sure that someone is with you to help you with your everyday chores and activities.

Two weeks post-surgery

breast augmentation recovery stagesBy this time, you may still feel pain but notice that it is not as severe as the first week. Swelling and the bruising may subside a bit. Your doctor may have requested you to return for a post-surgery check-up and he may have advised you to start doing very light exercises without adding pressure to the chest. Some patients who are working desk jobs in the office can be allowed to return to work. You can also wear sports bra with fewer gauze dressings now just to continue providing extra support to your newly-formed breasts.

Three weeks post-surgery

This is when you will start to feel like your old self again, except of course with your more beautiful and accentuated breasts. Pain should be very minimal at this point. The swelling may still be there but you can actually see the final look of your cosmetic surgery result. Most patients are allowed to return to work now with lifting restrictions.

It is expected that in two months, you are back to your old self and you are able to perform all your regular activities without restrictions. Continue following up with your doctor so no complications will be left unnoticed.


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