Is your tooth crown price worth it?

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, you may want to read this article now. Finding the best dental implants can be very taxing, with all the variety and brands available in the market nowadays, each one claiming that they are the best. But no matter where you look, getting dental implants is still the most expensive dental procedure to date, and that is with good reason. Here, we will give you a peek at our online dental implant price comparison list, including the breakdown of some of its components, like the consultation, assessment, tooth crown price, the surgery, etc.

How much is a dental implant surgery procedure?

There are a few things you need to know before we get to a rough estimate of how much you may need to expect your dental implant surgery would cost.

The location. Yes, the place where you will get your implants matter. They may have high overhead expenses or they have to import materials from other countries, so chances that their services are more expensive than others are high.

Your needs. Of course, the number of implants you need to use will greatly affect the cost, right?

The materials. There are now so many dental implant manufacturers all over the world, that if you think of getting a dental implant, you can choose from cheap, average, or expensive. With dental implants or tooth crown price, the cost may be a tip about its quality; the more expensive it gets, the higher the quality of the product can be expected.

Your doctor’s expertise. Some countries allow general dentists who have had experience in dental implant surgery to perform the procedure, while some are very strict and would require dentists to obtain a license to perform the surgery. With this in mind, you can expect that general dentists may charge you less than the specialists.

tooth crown priceNow that you are briefed about what factors can normally affect the price tag of your dental implant surgery procedure, here is the juicy part. From our research, the typical dental implant surgery can cost you around $3000 to $30000! Yes! But let us give you a basic breakdown of the costs. The typical dental implant can cost from $3000 to $5000, that is if you want it in zirconium or titanium. Then the abutment or the connector is priced somewhere between $500 to $2000. Then, the tooth crown price typically costs $2000 to $3000. Adding that up, you may more or less have to pay $5500 to $10000just for a single dental implant! But that quotation does not include the consultations, imaging, bone grafts if needed, and the surgery itself.


There is nothing wrong with making you feel good about yourself, and searching far and wide for medical and dental solutions to help you maintain your beauty and health. Getting dental implants may be expensive, but you can consider it a lifetime investment to preserve your smile. Talk to your trusted dental implant surgeon so they can discuss with you your options.


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