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Why Leg Exercises for Stroke Patients are Important

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One of the most specific parts of the body that can be affected by stroke is the legs. Without control, it will be impossible for a stroke survivor to regain the ability to walk again. But with physical therapy, stroke recovery exercises can improve the chances of walking and full recovery.
leg exercises for stroke patients

Stroke can be a lethal killer with unrelenting efficiency. It can happen to anyone anytime, regardless of gender, age, or fitness level. There are instances that a stroke victim survives the ordeal but with adverse physical disabilities. Some are left with the inability to move their limbs at full control.

However, there are many ways to regain the ability to revive the affected part of the body. Of course, it depends on the severity of the case, but stroke recovery can be efficient with the right approach, dedication, and exercise equipment. If you want to learn more about these tools and accessories, you should visit this site today by clicking on the link provided.

One of the most specific parts of the body that can be affected by stroke is the legs. Without control, it will be impossible for a stroke survivor to regain the ability to walk again. But with physical therapy, stroke recovery exercises can improve the chances of walking and full recovery. The key is using the right rehabilitation method and dedication to the cause. 


The Ideal Stroke Recovery Exercise Machine for the Legs

Working on the capability to walk again should be a top priority. Not only does it improve the overall mobility, but it also allows the person to return to everyday life. There are many techniques in physical therapy that can boost the effectivity of the rehabilitation process. And one of them is the utilisation of the leg press machine. The leg press machine is one of the most efficient tools in physical therapy because of its functionality and versatility.

Most models of the leg press machine have the feature to adjust the weight load in small increments. This ability is ideal in stroke recovery exercises because the muscles need gradual levels of resistance to return to its normal function. The available designs are well capable of providing excellent leg exercises for stroke patients.


Types of Leg Press Machines

  • The Incline or Diagonal Type: The diagonal type of leg press machine is perfect for stroke recovery. The slanting design provides an ample amount of pressure to the legs without the accumulation of too much strain. By adjusting the weight loads to the leg’s current capacity, the leg muscles will be reactivated and stimulated to get back to its functioning form.


  • The Seated Leg Press Type: The seated type is even more beneficial in stroke recovery exercises. The backrest is positioned upright, and the user can push the weight load forward, providing an even lesser tension to the legs that you’re working on. 


Leg Exercises for Stroke Patients without Using Machines

Physical therapy has many variations that can improve your muscle’s activation and stimulation without the use of exercise equipment. Although using machines can accelerate efficiency, regular stroke recovery exercises are the best ways to get started. Here are the recommended stroke recovery exercises that you can perform at the comfort of your own home:

  • Hip-Flex with Hold: For patients with limited mobility, this is the ideal method. The use of the arms provides ample support for the affected limb. To begin the process, lift your leg using both your hands up to the level of your chest. Maintain the position for a few seconds and repeat the process with the other leg. As your recovery progresses, you will be able to perform this method without using your hand’s support.


  • Internal and External Hip Rotation: This technique is also one of the best methods for people with compromised mobility. To perform the step, you will need a towel or a piece of cloth that you need to put under your affected limb. Then hold the towel or cloth with both hands while you move your foot towards your midline. Finally, push your legs forward with the help of your hands.


  • Knee Extension: This stroke recovery method is recommended for those who have progressed to a better mobility level. To perform the step, you have to be seated on a stable chair like the first two steps written above, and you have to extend your knees opposite the floor up to your maximum capability. Then you have to return your legs to its initial position slowly.


  • Seated Marching: As soon as your mobility improves from the techniques stated above, you can try this next step. Without using your hands, try to lift your knees to the level of your chest while maintaining your back straight on the backrest. Then you have to return to your original position by moving your legs slowly. A rowing machine workout program might also help!

These are only some of the most common and efficient stroke recovery techniques that you can try. Despite the convenience of being able to perform these steps at home, we still recommend the help of a licensed physical therapist. They are always the best individuals to help you improve your recovery progress.


Final Word

The importance of leg exercises for stroke patients is vital to recovery. Without them, your recovery progress will be slow or inefficient. Stroke recovery exercises save lives in more ways than one. Not only does it bring improvement to your physical capability, but it also relieves mental stress from not being able to walk correctly again. With regular stroke recovery exercises, you can keep your motivation to perform these exercises that can help in your overall fitness and recovery. 

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