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Simple and Easy Ways On How To Clean Dentures

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There are simple and easy ways on how to clean dentures, either at home or in the clinic. Try to <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">go to Custom Denture Clinic in Caloundra</a> and experience an excellent dental service for you.
soak and brush your dentures

There are simple and easy ways on how to clean dentures, either at home or in the clinic. Try to go to Custom Denture Clinic in Caloundra and experience an excellent denture service for you. Denture cleaning is necessary. You have to clean dentures to maintain them in their good hygienic stage. It is your responsibility to clean it since you are the one wearing it. Of course, it’s your dental care as well. Although your dental clinic may clean it during your visit, it is mostly at home that you will be doing the cleaning.


Denture care

Follow these simple steps of cleaning:

  1. After eating, you have to remove your denture and rinse it through running water. This enables you to remove the food bits and loose particles left in the denture. You have to carefully handle your dentures to avoid them from being damaged, or having bents.
  2. You also have to rinse your mouth after removing the dentures. It would be best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your natural teeth as well as your tongue, cheeks, gums, and the roof of your mouth or palate.
  3. Daily brushing of dentures is necessary. Before doing so, soak your denture in warm water with a denture cleansing tablet at the given specific time. Afterward, brush it using a toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste to remove plaque, stains, and other unremoved particles during soaking. Note: If you are using partial denture, do not use vinegar in soaking.
  4. Additionally, most of the dentures have to be kept moist. In this case, you can apply the soaking of dentures at night. It would be best to ask your dentist about the best soaking solution to prevent damages to your dentures.

For the most part, you have to maintain a regular visit with your dentist. They have to check the actual condition of your denture. They will conduct professional cleaning as well. Furthermore, they will check if the denture still serves its purpose inside your mouth, such as the fitting and the appearance as well.

Additionally, during your visit, the dentist will also check the condition of your natural teeth.


Importance of soaking your dentures overnight

soaking dentures using solutionDentures may appear visibly okay to our eyes; however, there are mini particles that we cannot see using our naked eye. Sometimes, brushing alone is not enough to clean the dentures. That makes soaking overnight important. It helps kill the germs and bacteria present in the dentures. These germs and bacteria can cause infections and oral health problems.

Additionally, soaking overnight also loosens the particles making it easy to be removed using a soft-bristled toothbrush and recommended toothpaste. You must ensure to rinse the dentures well before putting them back on after soaking overnight, especially if you used a soaking solution.


Pros and cons of dentures

Dentures help regain the function of chewing and talking. In modern dentistry, dentures are now available in partial and in full sets, depending on the patient. Additionally, the dentures are made of materials that allow them to look like natural teeth.

Moreover, dentures play a good role when it comes to dental health. They support the facial muscles and structures and reduces the risk of oral bone loss as well. It also contributes highly to the improvement of the patient’s self-confidence.

On the contrary, one of the disadvantages of using a denture is that it has to be removed and cleaned before and after usage. If not done, it will cause bad breath and infections. Another is the condition of loose or poor-fitted dentures as mentioned above.

In general, using dentures or not, you have to brush your teeth and visit your dentist regularly.

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