The Dental Health Profession

Providing basic care for teeth, mouths and gums can be a fulfilling occupation. While the most common dental health professionals are in general dentist, there are many other avenues and specialties when dealing with oral health.

Who Are We?

Dental Health ProfessionDental health professionals diagnosis, prevent and treat diseases within the oral cavity. Licensed dentists can perform examinations, restorative procedures and may even conduct oral surgery. They may also prescribe medications to serve in the treatments of various conditions and ailments.

As noted above, there are different specialties besides general dentistry. Let’s examine a few:

Orthodontist – Specialized dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and correction of improperly aligned teeth and jaws.

Periodontists – Specialists that deal with the supporting structures of the teeth along with gum disease treatment and dental implants.

Endodontists – Highly specialized in treating tooth pain and dealing with root canals.

These dental health professionals must all complete an undergraduate degree followed by dental school. If looking to specialize in any of the fields above then additional schooling will also be necessary. After the appropriate schooling it would also become necessary to obtain the appropriate license based on location.

Not all dental health professionals need to complete such a long educational journey. Some of the most important people within a dentist’s office are the dental hygienists. Hygienists offer up a wide array of services. They are usually the first to see a patient and check their overall oral health. Dental hygienists duties include taking x-rays, removing plaque buildup, sealing teeth with fluoride, performing general documentation and also teaching patients important techniques regarding brushing and flossing. In order to become a hygienist usually just an associates degree is needed.

Becoming a dental health professional would make for a satisfying career for anyone. Helping people create their best smile, while eliminating any sort of tooth or gum issues would be a rewarding experience. That would be enough to make anyone smile.


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