Do braces make your teeth loose?

We are all critical of our own look and we always try to find ways on how to improve them. Even at a young age, we try and search for ways to improve ourselves not only aesthetically but also functionally. Here enter orthodontic braces. But, one might ask, because of the way it moves the teeth, do braces make your teeth loose? You can check this link out for more information.

How do braces work?

Your dentist, upon deciding that you can be a candidate for dental braces, attaches wires and brackets to your teeth. These are adjusted on a schedule that only your dentist can determine until your teeth move into their right positions. After your orthodontic braces succeed in straightening your pearly whites, retainers are now recommended to maintain the alignment until such time that the jaws also get used to the new teeth setup.

Will my teeth fall?

do braces make your teeth loose

Immediately after attaching the brackets and wires, you can already feel the pressure it exerts to your teeth. For the next 1-2 days, your teeth will begin to move and feel a bit loose. You may observe changes to your bite, your teeth spacing, and your teeth’s function. Little by little, spaces will be made for the teeth to straighten, you will feel as though biting or chewing food would make you lose a tooth because they feel quite loose. But do not worry! This is a normal pattern on how braces work.

When the process completed its purpose and your teeth alignment is finally straight, you may still feel a bit of discomfort about your new bite and might be scared to consume food per usual. This is understandable, and it is actually a good starting point on how you can maintain and better care for your teeth.

Patients with orthodontic braces should always communicate their concerns to their orthodontist to get their issues addressed right away.


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