Laser Mole Removal

Many people have small moles on their face and neck. These moles might cause people to be conscious of their appearance, and opt for a laser mole removal procedure. Read more about lip mole removal by Restoration clinic in Perth.


What is laser mole removal?

For moles that are small and non-cancerous, it would be a quick and easy procedure to have them removed with a laser. Laser treatment uses intense light radiation to break down the cells of the mole as well as lightening its pigment. It would take more than one session to remove the mole.


It will take around two or three rounds of treatment to remove the mole. This is a little bit longer than the time it would take for a cutting procedure but is the more preferred treatment method for the ears and facial area.


How safe is this treatment?

laser mole removalLaser mole removal is quite safe. The doctor will prepare the area for the mole removal and then use light energy to break it down. Most of these procedures would allow a patient to go home on the same day. You will then be scheduled for another two or three sessions to complete the removal.


The more important focus of mole removal would be the examination that would come before the actual removal of the mole. It is important that the doctor examines the mole and tell you if there is a possibility that it might be cancerous. Having moles removed – especially irregularly shaped moles – is a good idea. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you need to be worried about the mole or not.


Disadvantages of laser removal and alternate treatments

If you are hesitant to go for a laser removal treatment, there are other treatment methods you can ask your doctor about. You can have your mole removed by freezing or with a scalpel. Some doctors would warn of some disadvantages to laser removal. These cons would include a chance of some slight scarring on the removal site and the chances that the mole may grow back after some time. This is because laser removal only lightens the pigment of the mole and does not remove it until the roots. It is because of these reasons that doctors would recommend other forms of mole removal.


Things to remember

Remember that most moles and other types of birthmarks are harmless. Having a mole removed gives you peace of mind. Although most would be harmless and normal skin growths that have natural causes, having your mole checked and removed would be a wise decision. Not just for aesthetic purposes, but also health reasons. 


You can never be sure if a mole is cancerous or not. At least not just by the naked eye. However, there are some telltale signs that your mole might be a sign of a more serious condition. If your mole has an irregular shape, strange color or hurts when you touch it, visit your doctor. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your moles your doctor can be able to tell you if they should be removed or not.


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